What allows this website?

Learn about the capabilities of i-MINILide
Principle Technical Features

Retrieving advertising brochures

View data of my i-MINILides connected to internet

Creating an account without any charge
(soft key generation, see measurement graphs, access to downloads of installation and operating instructions, PC software)
Create an account

Recover a soft key

The soft key allows to activate all the web features
(FULL WEB) of a i-MINILide.

The recovery of the soft key of an iMinilide is done via a personal account (Log in or Create an account).

To add an iMinilide to view on the website, it is first necessary to [identify]. If you do not have an account yet, you need to [create one for free].

The i-MINILide can be sold with a soft key already configured, in this case there is no need to generate this soft key.

Try the site with a demo account

Just identify with the following Identification Devices:

e-mail : iminilide@microlide.com
password : demo

This account does not generate soft key or download installation instructions and user manuals.